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Anxiety's Antidote: The Gift of Being Present

"If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is."

You can't control how you feel; what you can control is how you respond to your feelings. If you want the freedom to choose your response, you must be present in the moment. Remembered or imagined moments cause us emotional strife, they can be highly destructive to our mental wellbeing, rob us of our happiness, and get in the way of us overcoming anxiety. The past can lead us down a road of regret or the inability to let things go. The future can mean anticipating scenarios that may never actually happen and thus both end up wasting our time. The present moment is all there truly is! It is the only moment that matters.

Being "Present" is the secret weapon to overcoming anxiety. Exerting our ability to be mindful not only makes us happier, it can also help us deal with pain more effectively, reduce our stress and decrease its impact on our health, and improve our ability to cope with negative emotions like fear and anger.

The practice of mindfulness encourages us to observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, grounding us in the reality of the present moment. It's not about suppressing emotions or denying the past and future, but rather about acknowledging them while anchoring ourselves in the now. When we embrace the present, we grant ourselves the power to respond thoughtfully to our experiences rather than react impulsively. This state of heightened awareness allows us to notice warning signs of anxiety, catch them in their early stages, and employ calming techniques or positive actions. Mindfulness enables us to skillfully manage life's fluctuations, fostering resilience, and uncovering serenity amid chaos.

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