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 "It is extremely important to equip children with the knowledge and skills to be in-charge of their own well-being!"

Human Trilogy conducts workshops to offer the Mind Your Happiness program. A fun and engaging program which empowers children to take control of their own cognitive and emotional health, helps to improve their well-being, and enables them to thrive and achieve their full potential. 


It includes various social and emotional skill-specific modules that integrates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), in addition to Positive Psychology, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to help children excel in and out of the classroom. 

By educating children on the ‘Science of Happiness,’ the primary focus of the program is to help them enhance their education and provide them with perspective, understanding, and a bigger picture necessary for education and beyond. Kids learn research-based skills to cope with challenges, boost emotional intelligence, strengthen relationships, improve behavior, and more! 


Designed for primary school students, from Grade 1 through Grade 6, the program can be provided as individual modules,

pre-existing bundles or custom-made bundles depending on your requirement. Each module includes age-appropriate presentations, games and activities. The workshops are created and conducted keeping two things in mind -  to  make it playful enough to keep children engaged, and simple enough for them to understand. 

Our easy-to-teach program has garnered outstanding reviews from  various educators who have noticed improvement and have seen even the most challenging students make progress in emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement.

Contact us for more details about the available bundles and pricing.


Celebrating Puberty

Tracy Lee Dawson - Curriculum Coordinator at Eton House Sentosa

Firstly, I would like to warmly Thank Rachna Agarwal for successfully implementing a very thorough 'Celebrating Puberty' Talk with our primary students at EtonHouse Sentosa campus.

Rachna came highly recommended to us from our sister campuses, and together with our further research into her expertise and experience, we explored details of this important talk offered together with Rachna's proactive response, advice and support with her tailored information shared with us and for our community. We were thrilled to secure a morning to invite Rachna to our school, with full parent support and enthusiasm for Rachna's quality sessions designed uniquely for mixed and gender specific discussions.

Human Trilogy expert, Ms Rachna Agarwal ( conducted the well known school 'Celebrating Puberty' Talk suitable for upper primary students (Y4-6) who begin to experience changes. This is popular at other International Schools within Singapore with a thoughtfully designed inclusive session for all genders, covering physical, emotional, mental, and social changes (60 minutes). The workshop reached all students positively as it was fun, engaging, and interactive, specifically keeping in mind the age and attention span of the audience and ensuring a personalised Q and A time for each gender specific dialogue .to clear any misconceptions and address student wonderings effectively.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Ms Rachna in the near future as she supports this annual talk moving forwards at our campus.

EmoNinja - Mastering Emotions" workshop at Katong CC for PSLE students

Justin Fong – Director - Mountbatten Constituency

Rachna's EmoNinja workshop for kids was exactly what was needed. She skillfully demystified complex stress-related topics using relatable analogies, making it easy for the children to understand. The interactive nature of the workshop allowed participants to absorb the invaluable lessons. Both participants and their parents greatly appreciated how the workshop equipped them not only for the upcoming PSLE but also for life beyond.

The key lesson for me?

1. the importance of the feeling brain and the thinking brain to work together
2. how we flip it when they stop working together and the things we need to do to make them friends again so we are able to think rationally and make good choices.

Pooja  – Particpanting Mother 

I recently attended the EmoNinja Power Workshop, along with my (PSLE) twins. I found the workshop to be highly informative.
Rachna engaged the kids very well as she explained the concepts in an engaging, kid-friendly way, with appealing imagery and easy to understand language. As our kids grapple with the stress of PSLE, this workshop serves as a reminder of the importance of EQ and aims to equip kids with the tools to deal with the stress and challenges, using extremely simple (and quick) methods and tools. I think it would immensely benefit kids if this workshop is conducted in schools, for P6 students as they go through the grind of this highly stressful year. Thank you Rachna.

Conflict Crushers: Unleashing the Power of Peaceful Solutions 

Shenaz Dabu – Eton House International - Grade 4 - Homeroom Teacher 

Great job on conducting the conflict resolution workshop for our Year 5 students! It's wonderful to see our children learning and using important life skills early in their lives. The workshop's focus on the important role that the 'Thinker' and 'Feeler' parts of our brain play in controlling our actions is especially noteworthy, as it encourages empathy and understanding in conflict resolution. The students really resonated with the "Flip it" strategy as they realised what exactly makes them lose control of situations in their own experiences. This workshop is an excellent tool for teaching children how to reframe negative situations into positive ones. Additionally, incorporating Kelso's Choices empowers kids to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their actions. Overall, this workshop is a fantastic resource for helping students develop healthy conflict resolution skills. Keep up the fantastic work, Rachna!

Thomson Hughes – Eton House International - Grade 4 - Homeroom Teacher 

I had the pleasure of being in this workshop with our Year 5 children.  The session linked so well with our Unit of Inquiry which focuses on perspective and conflict resolution.  I must admit that the advice was useful for me too!  So many tools to use on a day to day basis in order to get our brains aligned and act in a positive manner.  The children have now had the opportunity to reflect on the session and can provide many solutions to problems that they encounter in their lives.  The session clearly gave children an understanding of how their thinking affects their feelings and vice-versa.  This was a useful session for, not only children, but us all.

Ioan Davies– Eton House International - Grade 4 - Homeroom Teacher 

This workshop delivered by Rachna Agarwal was a perfect blend of fun and learning, leaving our students empowered with the skills to handle conflicts effectively. Students are now knowledgeable about the importance of being a Thinker and a Feeler and are able to consider the best way of fostering positive resolutions. I highly recommend this workshop to any school seeking to equip their students with essential life skills.

Nidhi Nagar– Eton House International - G4 Parent

My son came home and started talking about thinker and feeler parts of the brain and how important it is for them to work together in order to stay calm and composed!
I was surprised how he knew all this stuff which I learned only as an adult when I faced problems in life. So I asked him how he knew all this. He told me he had a workshop where he was taught this and about the tools to make the thinker and feeler brains to work together in order to be calm when we are upset or angry.
I am very happy that the school organised this workshop for the students’ well being. It has given my child an understanding that will help him in every situation in life and help him grow up as an individual who is emotionally in control of himself.
Learnings like this should be made an essential and compulsory part of the curriculum in my opinion.
Thanks again Rachna AgarwalEtonhouse International and Ioan Davies for this workshop!

Students– Grade 4 - Eton House International 

"The things I liked about the Workshop were that it taught me how to deal with conflict rather than just exploding like a volcano.

It taught me about how important the Feeler and the Thinker are."


"I felt really calm and I was amazed how it worked out when I was in a fight with my mom. I really think that it would help me a lot with my anger when I have the anger. It is always good to be calm and kind to others, example: to you or to my friends and even families.
Thank you Rachna for this workshop."

"I would like to tell Ms. Rutchna that her workshop was amazing, because it had so much information yet it was presented in a very playful way."

"My feedback is that it was understandable and children like us can understand,
Ms Rachna made it fun and we could try it out at our house very easily."

"The good thing about the workshop was that it gave us more strategies to solve a problem.
I learned way more strategies to solve problems and about the feeler and thinker. "

" It was fun and Interactive. It taught me what happens when I get angry and how to control anger. "

It's Ok Not to Be OK! The Art of Accepting and Embracing Emotions

Pritika Chandiramani – Canadian International - PYP Coordinator

A very impactful session facilitated by Rachna today, chiming in with the ‘R U OK’ Week at CIS. Rachna’s engaging session brought to the forefront some powerful insights on the connection between our thoughts, emotions and actions.
She introduced the fact that we can be in the driver’s seat of our lives rather than in the back seat. By RESPONDING instead of REACTING to experiences, we can instigate a domino effect that, in turn, can change our lives for the better.
Feeling inspired and empowered! 

Connected Body Systems- Importance and Responsibility of Promoting Well-being

A great way to culminate the Grade 3 Unit of Inquiry and explore the Central Idea: ‘Bodies are made up of systems that work together to keep us healthy’. Thank you Rachna Agarwal for yet another insightful session at Canadian International School in Singapore

Celebrating Puberty

Rui Qi Ng - Middleton Grade 5 Teacher

Rachna has conducted a puberty workshop for our Grade 5 students for the second year in a row. Covering the physical, emotional and social changes of a growing tween, her workshop for both boys and girls was filled with energy that the students quickly warmed up and opened up to asking questions that they were initially shy to ask. On top of covering the changes, Rachna also provided ways to cope with these changes that students greatly benefitted from.

In addition to a mixed gender session, Rachna also spoke separately with the girls on changes specific to them and ways to cope with it. The girls felt that it was an opportunity to talk about something that they would usually shy away. Thank you for creating a platform for our students to openly discuss such an awkward topic, Rachna!


Once again, thank you so much for your time and for such an informative session! 

Atima Joshi - Senior Principal- Middleton

An insightful, energy-filled workshop on “growing up” - puberty and social-emotional skills led by Rachna Agarwal for senior Primary students at @MiddletonIntl. Happy to see students' engagement with healthed their curiosity and open-minded questioning.

Harness Your Mind's Power to Heal 

Pritika Chandiramani – Eton House Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator

At the start of this academic year, when I was thinking about the possibilities of planning a PD session for our staff at EtonHouse, I knew that I wanted to do “something different”. As it happened, we decided to invite Rachna in her capacity as a holistic wellness therapist. The intention was simple: “as Teachers, we need to care for ourselves before we are able to care for our students”. Rachna’s experience and her knowledge relating to positive psychology, neuroscience, and NLP, perfectly fit the bill here. Her session focussed on harnessing our mind power to heal and transform. She spoke to us about how we hold the key to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing within our remarkable subconscious mind, and taught us ways by which we can trigger the potential and activate it! The 80 minutes session left our teachers wanting more! She gave clear information and succinctly made connections to real-life situations and our role as educators. Her visit left our staff so inspired that since we have invited Rachna back to our school to run sessions with our students in connection with their Units of Inquiry. Without a doubt, these sessions were as much a huge success! I wish her all the best and we look forward to some more informative and useful sessions from her for our students, teachers as well as our parents! 

Zones of Regulation 

Miss Whitehouse – UWCSEA Grade 2 Teacher

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to come and speak to the class about such an important and age-appropriate topic. You were totally right when you made the connection with what we had studied in our first Unit of Study about the Zones of regulation. I feel the children really related to what you were telling them partly due to this prior experience and of course their age. 

You are certainly very passionate about this area and I wish you every success in getting your message out to more children.

Choices and Consequences

Miss Sarah - Eton House Year 2 Teacher

It was lovely to meet you two weeks ago and incredibly enlightening to hear you talk. Thank You !

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