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Human Trilogy conducts workshops tailored for corporates, community centers, and private groups, blending well-being with productivity in both corporate and public spheres. We specialize in crafting bespoke workshops deeply embedded in the realms of positive psychology and well-being science. Our forte lies in meticulously crafting personalized workshops deeply rooted in the realms of positive psychology and the science of well-being. Each interactive session is thoughtfully tailored to enrich social and emotional development while nurturing mental health and overall wellness. Covering a spectrum of pivotal subjects such as Mind Power, Emotional Regulation, Stress Management, and Mindfulness, our approach fosters holistic growth, both personally and professionally. Our curated life-skill programs cater to adults seeking expertise in emotional intelligence, pressure management, and the cultivation of mindfulness, ensuring a comprehensive path towards self-improvement. In addition, our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives encompass confidence-building exercises, stress and anger management techniques, cultivating resilience and fortifying a healthier mindset. Join us on this transformative journey towards equilibrium, empowerment, and a flourishing life.


Calm the Chaos Within - workshop at Katong CC for PSLE students

Justin Fong – Director - Mountbatten Constituency

“An amazing workshop filled with many practical tips. Rachna delivered the workshop with passion and humor, and there was never a dull moment.”

EmoNinja - Mastering Emotions - workshop at Katong CC for PSLE students

Justin Fong – Director - Mountbatten Constituency

Rachna's EmoNinja workshop for kids was exactly what was needed. She skillfully demystified complex stress-related topics using relatable analogies, making it easy for the children to understand. The interactive nature of the workshop allowed participants to absorb the invaluable lessons. Both participants and their parents greatly appreciated how the workshop equipped them not only for the upcoming PSLE but also for life beyond.

The key lesson for me?

1. the importance of the feeling brain and the thinking brain to work together
2. how we flip it when they stop working together and the things we need to do to make them friends again so we are able to think rationally and make good choices.

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