In April this year, I experienced a sudden onset of insomnia and panic attacks that left me feeling anxious and fearful in ways I had never experienced before. I knew something was not right and just when I felt my anxiety had completely taken over my life, I started talking to Rachna, who was referred to me by a friend, who had sought her help before. 


During my sessions, we worked on managing my anxiety in which she helped me realize that our goal was not to 'cure' my anxiety, but rather, get it down to a level where it is manageable. One thing she told me which I will always remember- Anxiety is not all that bad. It is how we respond to it that determines how we feel!  I learnt a great deal about what was causing my anxiety and stress and was taught a variety of techniques used to recognize these triggers and to be able to put things in perspective, keep myself in the moment, and not get overwhelmed. The understanding of what was causing my problems allowed me to really work towards targeting the cognitions and behaviors that were causing them.  I am in a completely different place mentally and physically.

Rachna, I sincerely think you should get on stage and do a TEDx talk someday to help people understand all about the mind body connections, mindfulness, etc. The simplicity with which you put across powerful concepts and thoughts, makes the understanding and implementation so much easier, specially for people who feel lost and overwhelmed by life. You have been a huge part in helping me find myself and my strength! Can't thank you enough Rachna, I couldn't have done this without you! Caroline, Singapore 

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again Rachna, for all these many months of working with my husband and me. I am absolutely amazed at your skills and persistence at getting to root issues. You opened our eyes to so many things that we did not understand about ourselves, nor our partner. With your help, I, released so many emotions that had been buried deep down inside of me for most of my life. I feel like a different person in so many ways.

Thank you for providing the tools to help breakdown our past behaviours and build a marriage of love, trust, and true partnership.

To be honest , initially we had doubts about seeking therapy to help our marriage, but we are glad we did as it made our relationship stronger than ever.

I can't say thank you enough Rachna for all  you have done for us! You are truly gifted at what you do. One of the most compassionate and skilful practitioners we have ever met. Your skills are an unbelievable gift. Whether your relationship is in crisis or you just want to take it to a new level, Rachna is the professional to see. Anonymous – Singapore

I went through the worst year of my life. Coping with the sudden death of a loved one has never been easy for anyone. The grief kept piling on, and I desperately sought out help. It was Rachna who helped me come out on the other side in the healthiest, happiest way possible.

I don’t have words to express my gratitude. She has an amazing gift at helping people navigate through their grief and complete the process. When I first came to her I was completely stuck and did not know how to get through it. But she guided me through it with such grace and humility. I cannot thank her enough. In her thoughtful, empathetic, insightful and gentle way, she helped me to process my grief and loss and come to acceptance with the situation sooner than I expected.

Rachna is a welcoming, compassionate and kind therapist. She connects with her clients and goes above and beyond to make sure they feel safe and comfortable. She doesn’t just listen but provides working activities to move past the clog in your life, with questions that point you in the right direction.

I found my life back thanks to Rachna ! I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who is suffering any type of grief or emotional instability. Neha (Singapore)

I am so grateful that Rachna entered my life at just the right time. When things around me didn’t seem to go well and much my way, I felt pretty lost. The 'new normal' made it difficult for me to adapt to a lot of changes around.


She helped me sort with my relationship with my husband that I felt was going sour. Just at the right time she stood by me like a guide throughout. It all worked fine ultimately with her help.


Also dealing with my little kids and their increasing tantrums was adding up to my stress. She gave me just the right solutions and made my relationship easy with them. Things I thought were far from real actually fell in place in no time.


We may have the knowledge at times but she gives an approach to use that knowledge. The best thing about her is the way she immediately responds to my problems. If not over a call then definitely a text in time has always helped me snap out of the negative thoughts ASAP.


She’s come as an angel, as a teacher in my life and I am so grateful to have her. Mrs D, Mumbai

Recently my three and a half year old son was experiencing difficulties in sleeping alone at night that seemed completely out of character from the child I knew. My son’s confidence was rapidly eroding as his fears were overtaking him and I seemed at a loss as to what to do. It was then that a common friend introduced me to Rachna.

Despite being in different parts of the world, she was always available to guide me, giving me strategies and valuable insight to deal with the issue. She reassured me that what I was seeing was normal and that he would most likely work through it himself. However, if I wished to help him with this process, play therapy would be beneficial and would help him work through the process more quickly.


I am very grateful to have found her and can’t thank her enough for the assistance she provided me in getting through a difficult period. The guidance she has given me has been beneficial in helping me expand my understanding about my son’s emotional quotient. Rachna is a gifted therapist with a warm and gentle approach. I couldn’t recommend her more highly myself- Nidhi(Kolkata)

Well, life’s been hard on me lately. And I’ve taken it with a pinch of salt and a smile on my face all thanks to Rachna aunty, who was referred to me by a relative who had previously sought help from her.

At every tough moment, every happy moment; big or small, She’s got my back. Whether it is boyfriend issues, family issues, insecurities, bigger issues like anxiety, she’s been the person I’ve looked out for. She thought as an 18-year-old, shared instances of her youth and made me realise that whatever happens, life goes on. One thing she made me believe was ‘People come in your life either for a reason, season or a lifetime.’ I’ve overcome so many insecurities, about my work, my capabilities, my body, my boyfriend or even my family and she helped me learn to value myself and make things work. One thing I know is that she is like a godmother to me. What’s surprising is that she was a total stranger till 8 months back and now she is always there for me when I need her, and I can’t be grateful enough for that. :)

If you are a young adult and need a therapist to talk to, she is definitely the person you’re looking for.  
Miss A (18years)- MP, India

‘’Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think !”

Words of wisdom that resonates with me now more than ever before ! These last 4 months have been difficult for me and I guess for a lot of people who have felt anxious and fearful during these uncertain times.
I received a lot of support from my family, friends and colleagues. However, I realised that I needed some professional help in resetting my mental button.
That’s when I called Rachna Agarwal a friend in Singapore whom I had lost touch with. She was God sent. In spite of the time difference between UK and Singapore, she worked around my availability and taught me simple yet powerful mindfulness techniques and helped me change my perspective. Though our sessions aren’t over as yet , I already feel the difference after 2 sessions, with the tools set out specifically for me. I would urge my connections that even if you don’t feel anxious today, the exercises set out by Rachna go a long way to reassure you of your abilities and add to your confidence level. Best of luck! Nitin Khanna, United Kingdom


Today as I share my experience about Rachna, I am graetful to god for having sent her in my life. She helped me to rediscover my true happiness and reclaim my individuality. She came as an anchor to help me navigate as I was sailing through the rough waters of life.

In our first conversation itself, I felt comfortable enough to tell her all about my mental trauma and anxiety issues that I was going through and how life had become so difficult for me. I was also having some parenting issues with my teenage kids which were not settling until she intervened.

As a therapist, Rachna is truly very passionate about her work. She is a very good listener, something which is the need of the hour and after hearing the various complexities her approach is simple yet dynamic. She uses a variety of tools depending on the situation and trust me because her intention is so strong it really works! She helped me reclaim my spiritual calling, gave me a reason to smile again and helped me build a beautiful relationship with my kids. I feel positive and powerful!

She is also mentoring my teenage daughter and has become her idol in life. Although we are in different countries, she is very mindful of what she is offering and her presence of mind is simply spectacular. Every little detail is accurately registered by her and she just reveals things which have gone unnoticed by me. 

I am really thankful to God that she sent this angel into my life and I surrender to her as my mentor too. I know now that when life throws a difficult question paper to me, help is just a phone call away. Thank you Rachna! Eternally grateful! Mrs Punjabi, India

This was a tough time for the world when Corona spread itself like wildfire. The world came to a standstill. As if that was not enough, a new problem of sleeplessness popped up in my life. For 3 long months, I tried all the possible solutions that could lay my hands on. Any advice, any suggestion was welcomed and tried by me. Finally, I gave in to sleeping pills, though I was very sceptical. I knew where I was going. Wanted to put a stop so desperately. I called one of my friends and she gave me the number of 3 different people to contact. Fortunately, the first 2 did not pick up and I landed up messaging Rachna. She immediately reverted. A hearty hour-long conversation, all the way from Singapore to India with a stranger that too like a long-lost friend, only can be expected from a kind an amazing soul like Rachna.
She immediately diagnosed the problem, got to the root of it. Started working with my fears, my unhappiness, and insecurities at a deep subconscious level. She would call and message me day and night. Just listening to her lifted my energies to a different level. Her confidence and positive attitude is so contagious that you hold on to that feeling yourself. She made me feel that any and every challenging task is achievable. She helped me to take charge of myself and the belief that I can! She works undauntingly with her clients not only on a physical, mental but also on a spiritual level. With such simple yet exceptionally marvellous tools, I STARTED GETTING SLEEP in as little as 5/6 days. She came to me as a saviour when I was about to lose all hopes. I instantly connected to her on a soul level. She certainly has a Midas Touch which I believe comes from her pure selfless intentions.

Very aptly named Rachna meaning god’s creation. My angel in disguise. I will just say Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! - Reshma (Pune India)

There are professionals and there are "Professionals". Some merely by qualifications and degrees, some by being engaged in the space, some cause they believe in it and very few who are all the above, plus driven by a passion from within them that is charged & nurtured by the cosmos. Rachna, is the rare kind. She has made a difference to many lives including mine. "Angel" is what I call her. May she be always blessed by the universe to use her skills to make the positive impact - Saloni ​Bajaj, Singapore

"Rachna has a way of connecting immediately and making you feel comfortable. Her positive outlook to life and her engaging style are quite infectious. Her depth and understanding of techniques and applicability is solid and she applies it in a very practical way. I have hugely benefited from my interaction with her. She goes above and beyond the call of duty which is clear from the passion and zeal with which she provides solutions to her clients problems." - Mrs G.Zaveri (Singapore)

At a time when we felt helpless and things were going out of control with our daughter, Rachna came into our lives having been introduced by a common friend. Our loved one was undergoing anxiety and self-esteem issues. She had several unresolved issues since her teenage leading to anxiety, self-doubt and self- esteem. Many mind blocks were forbidding her to lead the life she ought to be leading at that young age. Rachna’s ability to develop relationship with her client is excellent. She has helped my daughter to identify the cause of her issues and work with her step by step giving closure to the past, working on the present to build her future. It has helped her go a long way from where she started. Rachna has powerful tools customized to handle various issues. Over the time, I have found a great change in my daughter, who is making great efforts to undo the past and works forward to build a future she deserves to lead. This would not have been possible without Rachna’s constant intervention and meaningful advices. Rachna emphasizes on the importance to have gratitude, accepting people and situations as the way they are, and making the important changes from within to be the wirepuller of one’s own life! Her dedication and commitment speak for itself - the amount of time she spends with the client even outside the session time! She is driven by passion in what she is doing. If you are looking for a good and compassionate therapist, Rachna is truly a standout!  - Mrs Kumar (Singapore)

" Rachna is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel so safe telling her what's going on with me. She has helped me to let go of my anger, sadness, fears and insecurities.  She has given me the ability to remember my own self worth, strengths, and my zest for life. She is a very positive person who always manages to rub on her positivity  and makes anyone feel better, happier and grateful about their lives. Remembering her mantra "As you think, so shall you be" helps me to immediately shift my perspective from negative to positive and change the way I look at people,  things, and situations. Talking to her makes me feel so relaxed and helps me to gain more peace and clarity about situations/life. 

 I had also referred a friend of mine in Singapore to Rachna. After his therapy sessions with her, I have personally see a noticeable change in him. Not only was she able  to get rid of his paralyzing fear of public speaking, she seems to have helped to change some core beliefs that were limiting him in achieving his life goals. He seems more  energized, more positive, and now seems to have a changed and better perspective towards life. 

 Rachna embodies all the qualities one would look for in a therapist – intuitive, professional, energetic, wise, warm, genuine and empathetic- to name a few. She has a  ability to create a beautiful safe space for healing and guide you to understanding the many layers of emotions within. I would recommend her to anyone looking to  make a major shift in their life and move into a new way of thinking and being. She is amazing at what she does!!I wish her all the best! " - Anonymous

After meeting Rachna at a work talk on how to take care of yourself before others, I was left needing to discover more. Dedicated, passionate and professional, Rachna has helped me reframe my thinking and inspired me to change my thought patterns. She tailors her services to meet individual needs and is flexible to work around clients around the clock. She has a vibrant energy and gives useful strategies to help people manage emotions and inspires positive change. This is her passion which shines so bright. I highly recommend getting in touch with Rachna to help take back control over your thoughts. She. Is. FAB!!!  Keira Collins (Singapore)


"I have made several positive changes in my life since attending therapy sessions with Rachna, She is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel so safe telling her what's going on with me. When I first started working with her, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety along with low self-esteem. Because of her, my self-esteem has much improved, and my anxiety has lessened dramatically. She is a very positive woman. She has helped me to become the stronger, more capable individual that she has seen in me all along. My life is quite happy, calm, and fulfilling now. I really do not think I could have achieved this without her as a therapist.I look forward to every session with her. She has a wonderful gift, the gift of healing. I hope all of our dreams come true. Thank you, Rachna." - Mrs Tan (Singapore)

" Rachna truly has a holistic approach to healing. She is truly and genuinely concerned about your wellness and her approach is very assuring and positive. She has helped me in my time of self doubt and despair. It is very assuring to confide to someone so genuine and truly motivated to her work. Her positive energy is very infectious and encouraging. I have had issues with my toddler's temperament and Rachna had guided me in every aspect of difficulty. I recommend Rachna whole heartedly to any one trying to overcome a difficult phase in life " - B.Sharma (Singapore)

   I had been a Stay at home mom for almost 15 years and was completely dependent on my husband financially as well as emotionally when he suddenly left me one day. Was totally lost at that time and was left with zero confidence that I could survive on my own. Luckily I found Rachna & she pulled me out of my self-doubts and restored my faith in God and in myself. Now I know that no matter what happens, I will sail through it.

Rachna goes out of her way to support her clients and takes charge of their well being until the goal is achieved.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for a kind & caring Counsellor who is genuinely concerned about the well being of her clients and not there just to make money. Such goodness of heart is difficult to find in today’s materialistic

world - Anonymous

 "I know Rachna for almost 20 years now, both personally and professionally. At the time I knew her when she was in the IT industry, and one of her skills was to be able to make a connection with people, create a bond, where the individual would open themselves up at a more personal level. A friend of mine who was going through a     personal tragedy, needed someone, and knowing Rachna for such a long time, and knowing that she had professionally become a counsellor, I recommended my friend to visit her. It seems that the one on one sessions have benefited my friend, Rachna has been able to help her deal with her deal with her personal tragedy, over time, help her to overcome her battles with depression and anxiety, and be more positive. For anyone who finds it daunting and difficult to open up to someone, I would professionally recommend them to Rachna " - F.Kotwal (United States)


"I had referred one of my relatives to Rachna for counselling and hypnosis and she proved to be of tremendous help. I can see a significant improvement in my relative after having therapy sessions with Rachna. My relative feels a lot more confident, happy and has a broader perspective to  life. Thanks Rachna, great job! 

I would strongly recommend Rachna as a therapist/counsellor. She has the ability to make anyone feel extremely comfortable. She is a very intuitive  person with    spiritual wisdom who genuinely cares about helping others. She manages to instill a lot of positive energy and no matter how negative the  situation is, she makes you feel that everything is possible. " - J.Gulati (Singapore)

 " I have had many informal conversations with Rachna in regards to varied fields including counselling and self- growth by being a lifelong learner. I have found Rachna to be very articulate and capable of inspiring positive change in people. She provides explicit strategies for change to inspire physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual health and well-being. Her commitment towards her own continual learning and growth as well as passion towards helping people, make her an outstanding professional in the area of counselling and motivational coaching. Rachna is positive, astute and readily empathises with people around her which makes people comfortable and willing to share their stories with her. Her good and balanced sense of humour has a positive impact on her immediate environment and often invites     candid sharing of experiences. She is competent in English and Hindi and has working knowledge of Bengali which helps her readily connect with appropriate language and related cultural contexts. I have also found her to be extremely creative and problem-solve readily by accessing information with incredible efficiency. Rachna motivates and inspires people towards positive growth and well-being. " - A. Joshi (Singapore)​

"Rachna provided us with the tools we needed to make our marriage stronger, healthier and happier. We are grateful to her for what she has done for us. She taught us how to communicate better, to understand and respect each other's  perspective , and to take responsibility for our own negative behaviors. Because of her counseling, we are happier people--both as individuals and as a couple. She is very direct and she provides concrete ways to improve our marriage. Thanks for helping us change our lives." - Anonymous (Singapore)

​"My sessions with Rachna helped me deal with the loss of my loved one. Prior to going to her, I could not even speak of what had happened, I would merely shut down. My relationship with my entire family was suffering and all I could do was cry. Going to her helped me to release a lot of the guilt and sadness that I was holding onto.  I found myself able to talk about what had happened without breaking down. With her empathetic, intuitive nature along with spiritual wisdom, she so easily and successfully helped  to move me through a sense of profound loss, toward understanding, acceptance and resolution. The sessions were very relaxing and non-intrusive. I am so thankful to Rachna for her commitment and dedication to what she does." -

 Karen M (Singapore)