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"Our intimate relationships can be the source of our greatest joy and the space in which we confront our deepest fears and vulnerabilities"

Along the way, every couple experiences relationship challenges and conflict. They find themselves repeating the same arguments, but never coming to an understanding.  Sometimes disagreements spiral out of control and create new areas of conflict or wounds.  Feeling misunderstood, judged, criticized, unloved or cared for can cause the relationship to lose it’s spark leading the couples to become emotionally withdrawn from one another. 


Couples may seek therapy when struggling with a particular conflict or disruptive event, or after long periods of distress. They often arrive at therapy when they have become disconnected from one another, and the relationship no longer feels like a safe, nurturing space.​ If this sounds familiar, you are not alone and there is good reason to hope. Couple Therapy can help you restore hope in your relationship, heal from the past, and build towards a better future together! With commitment and hard work, you and your partner can get back on track and rebuild a loving, close relationship.

Building and maintaining a relationship takes time, energy, and work. Sometimes it may even take skills and tools you have yet to learn. The process can be long and at times you may have experienced pain. At Human Trilogy, we help you to strengthen your relationship and work toward a greater emotional intimacy that will significantly increase the depth of your relationship. Our aim is to help you develop an awareness of destructive patterns, reconnect with one another, strengthen your relationship and heal from emotional pain.  Whether you are in need of a marriage tune-up or you find your relationship falling apart, we are ready to help your relationship become a safe and nurturing place, once again.

Some of the areas in which we support couples:

  • Small issue turns to a major argument

  • Feel ignored, unheard and frustrated

  • Feel judged, hurt or rejected

  • Arguments do not lead to solutions

  • Missing closeness and intimacy

  • Feel misunderstood and alone

  • Have trouble communicating with each other

  • Disagreements leave you feeling resentful

  • Disappointed the relationship is not what you expected

  • Infidelity

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